Pre-Internet Scarcity - Why Businesses Have No Values


People are still operating their businesses from the Pre-Internet Scarcity Mentality (PISM). With over 3 billion people on the internet, competition is abundant… but so is opportunity. Almost every business is still operating in the industrial period in terms of their values. In the industrial age, there weren’t as many opportunities as there are now so people had to have businesses devoid of their values. A business or organization became soul-less and never mentioned what they believed in because of the stifling fear that if they did, people would be offended and turn away.

Enter Corporate Social Responsibility, B-Corps, and Non-Profits.

In the last decade, several companies have basked in the success of what standing up for your values can do. Patagonia, TOMS, and Starbuck’s are three obvious examples of companies choosing to stand for something larger than themselves. There is zero standing in the way of millions of small and medium sized businesses doing the same. Cone Communications and Echo Research recently found that “more than 90 percent of shoppers worldwide would likely switch to brands that support a good cause, given similar price and quality.”

What are you waiting for? Life is way too short to work for a company that stands for nothing. If you own a company, inject your values into it. If you don’t, tell your boss why this is so important and help them do it.

And trust me, humans can do AMAZING things when we commit and unite.

Alex HarveyValues, CSR, Future